Jacksonville Storm Clouds

Like most other cities around the southeast Jacksonville has been in a tropical rain pattern with rain and storms almost daily.  Today I was checking the local radar and saw that a storm was approaching from the west and getting close to the St. John’s river moving northeast.  There is a boat landing about a mile from my home on the east side of the river that gives some nice views to the west over the water and with the Jacksonville skyline barely visible to the north.

GQ20130720-0018 I arrived just in time to catch the storm front moving to the northeast.  This photo is looking southeast as the storm approaches.

GQ20130720-0014Here a few images looking back north toward the city.  The front looked like it stretched out parallel to the river.

GQ20130720-0045 GQ20130720-0026The front came through at mid afternoon which is not a great time for photography but at least the clouds showed a little character.  When these storms approach the river at sunset there are some dynamic colors.  Today, just a cold blue and gray.  Hope you enjoy.  Gray

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